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Can You Refinance a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

When you first opted for a reverse mortgage, it might have felt like the perfect solution to tap into your home equity and enjoy your retirement without monthly mortgage payments. As time passes, your financial situation, goals, or the market itself can change, making you wonder: "Can I refinance my reverse mortgage?" The answer is yes, but it’s essential to understand what is involved before making a move. Why Consider Refinancing Your Reverse Mortgage? Lower Interest Rates: Just like traditional mortgages, reverse mortgage rates can fluctuate. If current rates are significantly lower than when you first took out your loan,…
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Hard Inquiry vs. Soft Inquiry — What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between a hard inquiry vs soft inquiry can help you maintain a good credit score. Here's what you need to know. Most people know that your credit score can drop if you miss a payment or have a new collection filed against you. But how about when you apply for new credit? Yes, a credit application will trigger a “hard inquiry” on your report, which can have an impact on your credit score. Here’s what to know about hard inquiries, and how they compare with “soft inquiries.” What is a Hard Inquiry? Hard inquiries occur when you…
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Understanding Warrantable vs. Non-Warrantable When Purchasing a Condo

When you're shopping for a condo, there's a bit more on your plate than just the typical homebuying concerns like credit scores, interest rates, and loan programs. A crucial aspect is understanding the role of the Homeowners' Association (HOA) and whether the condo is warrantable or non-warrantable. This distinction can significantly impact your mortgage process and future as a condo owner. Warrantable Condos: What You Need to Know A condo is considered warrantable if it meets the standards set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two main government-sponsored entities in the mortgage industry. These entities buy mortgages on the…
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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – July 15th, 2024

With lofty expectations, the CPI delivered a lower-than-expected inflation increase, leading to a positive uptake across many lending partners and markets. However, the PPI was on the opposite end of that, with a higher-than-expected inflation rate increase, muting the positive response from the CPI data release. The outlook for a rate cut this year has changed, making the potential for it highly likely. Even Jerome Powell, who usually has a more hawkish response regarding rate cuts, is now leaving some room for this possibility. With the outlooks in favor of a rate cut, we’re seeing the impact across many markets as…
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