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Moving to a New Home? Use These Websites and Apps to Research Potential Neighborhoods

Moving to a New Home? Use These Websites and Apps to Research Potential NeighborhoodsRelocating to a new city? Thinking about moving to a new neighborhood? While word of mouth from friends and family is valuable, sometimes it’s necessary to get a different perspective.

With the advancement of technology, it’s now possible to research new neighborhoods without getting up off the couch. Here are some websites and apps that have proven invaluable with researching new areas:

Use The Forums On City-Data For Exact Answers

While is a valuable resource for people who are looking into relocating to a different city, one of the best uses of the site is the active forums. Here, locals will answer questions about different cities to help narrow down the selection.

Track Specific Neighborhoods With Street Advisor

Once the city is narrowed down, a quick visit to will give a better overview of the different areas. The website is designed to provide visitors the opportunity to review entire communities instead of single businesses. All neighborhoods in a city are ranked based on how well the users have rated them.

Take A Look At The Numbers At Neighborhood Scout

Now that reviews have been read and questions have been answered, people can take a trip to to get a look at the numbers that define communities. Some details require a subscription, but anybody interested in the crime rate, sex offender registry or appreciation rate of property should join the site.

Get A Unique Perspective With Ratings Apps

There are plenty of apps for phones and tablets that are used to rate restaurants and businesses. Popular choices like Yelp and Foursquare can give a different perspective of what locals think about the businesses in their neighborhoods. Do the local diners get high marks or are people driving across the city for brunch? How are the parks in the area received? These questions can be answered with these apps.

While you can do a lot of preliminary research on your own, sometimes the best person to contact about new neighborhoods is a real estate professional. They will be able to tell you which areas are heating up and which areas should be avoided and help narrow down choices if you’re undecided. Contact one who operates out of the neighborhood you’re thinking about buying in so that you can work with a local who has experience in the area.

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